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Waves Affaire is a Viennese record label created by Cristian Axt, belonging to the redpmusic GmbH.


Combining tradition and innovation, the label plans to offer a novel repertoire, being the first European company dedicated to releasing works from the contemporary American repertoire, as well as classics from the Viennese repertoire, constituting an ambitious bridge between these two musical universes.


Waves Affaire is also preparing the production of the ultra-innovative Green Music from Vienna, in close collaboration with the Viennese organization Green Affaire.


Constituted by an international production team, Waves Affaire has the contribution of the renowned music producer Arpad Hadnagy, among other prominent professionals in the music field from Vienna and Italy.

Waves Affaire Team - Arpad Hadnagy, Cristian Axt & Walid Laazizi
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